Wednesday, 3 February 2010

I met an extraordinary young man at Thomas Danby today...

Bobbie Roberts has been at the East SILC John Jamieson since he was two and a half. He is now nearly eighteen and is a very special young man. What was amazing wasn't that Bobbie was in a wheelchair and has physical disabilities. What was amazing was that spending 15 minutes with Bobbie really helped me think about the challenges and opportunities we are facing here at Education Leeds. His approach to life is simple; we just need to break the complex and challenging down into small bite size chunks and simply get on with them. His personal philosophy seems to be take one step at a time and never look back. He reminded me that you can move a mountain with a shovel and a lot of hard work. Bobbie showed me the work he had been doing at college for his Open College accreditation and told me that he likes being challenged and loves being at college. He wants to go to a specialist college in Coventry to study digital media and then to set up his own company. He works at the weekends with his dad supporting his online business and I have no doubts that this very talented young man will go far!

We need to continue to build brilliant provision like this; to personalise the curriculum and to create pathways to success for all our young people, especially the very special ones like Bobbie.

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