Tuesday, 8 January 2008

At the end of term I wanted to thank everyone for everything they had done over a great year and, as you know, I announced my own awards for those colleagues and teams who have gone the extra mile and released that special Education Leeds magic...

Some of you have been brave enough to tell me that you fundamentally disagree with that approach and consider that you are part of a team where everyone contributes to the overall achievements, everyone is potentially a winner, a star, and a talented, brilliant, gorgeous and wonderful colleague… some of you felt that the list was devisive and unhelpful because it recognised colleagues close to me and left out others who have made really important and significant contributions behind the scenes.

I knew it was a dangerous strategy but thanks for the feedback and I am sorry if you felt left out. You are part of a great and uniquely special team which constantly and consistently releases the magic across Leeds.

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