Friday, 11 January 2008

My colleague, Mark Edwards headteacher at Shire Oak Primary School, let me know about his school's recent success...

They have just been successful in gaining a grant to deliver a project on Sustainable leadership from NCSL. There were only 56 grants awarded nationally and they were the only school in the immediate area to gain one. The nearest others are Settle and Barnsley and Newcastle.
They are developing a project to answer the following research question to add to the National College for School Leadership's research on sustainable leadership. "How can pupils be empowered to lead sustainable issues in schools through the development of knowledge and skills of adults working in schools?

The school won £5000 in recognition of its efforts to achieve sustainability. Shire Oak has been working to increase its international links and is currently working toward its International School award. It is also involved in a project with Leeds DEC looking at global citizenship and entitlement. The school has recently participated in the ‘Open Futures’ project, linking food sourcing and growing with cooking. Shire Oak hopes to achieve Fair Trade Status early this year.

Using the grant money, the school will now form a network with other schools in the area to share good practice on sustainability.

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