Friday, 11 January 2008

Final Key Stage 4 Results!

The DCSF have today released the final Key Stage 4 results...

The headlines are as follows:
  • 5+A*-C - 55.9% (up 3.7%, reducing the gap to stat neighbours by 0.9% to 2.6% and to National by 1.6%, to 3.4% )
  • 5+A*-C(inc E+M) - 42.1% (up 1.7%, maintaining the gap below Stat Neighbours of 1.8% and to National by 0.8%, to 4.6%)
  • Any passes - 96.3 (up 0.7%, an increase in the gap to stat neighbours by 0.1% to 1.5% and a fall in the gap to National by 0.1%, to 1%)
  • KS2-4 CVA - 988.3 (up 2.9).

These results mean that:

  • We are above the bottom third of authorities for 5+A*-C(inc E+M);
  • The NO PASSES indicator, despite the increase has dropped into the bottom 10%;
  • KS2-4 CVA indicator increase puts Leeds 6th bottom, up from 2006's 2nd bottom;
  • KS3-4 CVA indicator puts Leeds outside the bottom quartile, this is the first year this indicator has been published.

The combination of CVA indicators are promising as KS2-4 CVA is difficult to shift in a single year, but the impact of the raise in focus and awareness of CVA in Leeds schools can be seen in level of the KS3-4 CVA indicator.

Importantly, the school results show that we now have only 1 school below the 5+A*-C floor target of 30%.


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