Wednesday, 9 January 2008

It's funny but I didn't know that the little box I have been using is actually called the RM Asus Minibook...

It's a PC that weighs less than a kilogram and is about the size of an A5 notebook. What is great about it is that the software is all shareware and free and I have had no problems accessing files and documents and presentations! I am using it to wirelessly send and receive e-mail, create and edit documents, view photographs, play videos, browse the internet, listen to internet radio stations and instant message and amazingly it only takes about 15 seconds to boot up. BRILLIANT!


Anonymous said...

Hi Chris,

Can your minibook open source browser connect to the LLN learning platform? Pretty crucial. The platform is very tied into Microsoft, and the Mac Safari browser can't access it. Firefox can, but with basic (but functional) capability.

Peter Harris

Chris'Blog said...

Hi Peter,
I hope you and your colleagues had a brilliant Christmas and New Year and are up for the challenges 2008 will inevitably throw at us. The Asus Minibook uses Firefox so as you say it can connect to the LLN learning platform. We need to talk to Patrick and his colleagues about this.