Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Everyone is raving about our new schools and it is fantastic to see that we are re-imagining our schools to better reflect the needs of our learners...

Our experience with PfI and Building Schools for the Future, influenced by visits to Stockholm, has created new brilliant learning places that begin to see our young learners as active partners in developing their own learning pathways, their learning choices, their learning curriculum and their learning experiences. At Roundhay, Lawnswood, Carr Manor, John Smeaton, Ralph Thoresby, South Leeds, Primrose, Allerton High, Pudsey Grangefield and Rodillian we have created buildings which respond to the different learning styles, needs and interests of our young people.

In these brilliant learning places we are developing new ‘learning contracts’ between learner and school and between school and learner. These contracts are being used to redefine the relationships and practices that occur in our schools and the learning opportunities that exist across and beyond institutions. We are giving learners greater choice over the following:
  • When they learn;
  • Where they learn;
  • What they learn;
  • Who they learn with;
  • How they learn.
To build world class provision consistently across Leeds we must continue to work with our learners to give them even greater choices and greater responsibility over their learning.

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