Monday, 22 September 2008

I received a present in the post today...

My colleague Elaine Kay-Devanney, headteacher at Blackgates Primary School sent me a copy of 'We Are Writers!' a collection of creative writing by her children. It is a wonderful celebration of their imagination and talent and gives a real glimpse of their passions and interests.

The introduction to this wonderful little publication is by Michael Morpurgo and it says "Every writer you know and love, Roald Dahl, Philip Pullman, Anne Fine, Anthony Horowitz, JK Rowling, all of us, have all done what you've done. Like you they've faced the empty page, dreamed their dream, crafted their tale, made their magic. That's what storymaking is, it's magic making, and we can all do it because each of us in our own way is a dream maker, a tale teller and a magician."

What a wonderful way to introduce children to writing and the power and magic of the storyteller and I love it!.

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