Friday, 26 September 2008

I moved on to the Headingley Experience to attend an Eco Project led by Mark Edwards, headteacher at Shire Oak Primary School...

Shire Oak CE Primary School was awarded a grant by NCSL and ENCAMS to develop a community of practice and the leadership to develop sustainable schools. Mark and his colleagues t Shire Oak CE Primary School are working with colleagues and children from St Chad's CE Primary School, Weetwood Primary School, Kirkstall Valley Primary School and Little London Community Primary School to discuss sustainability and plan a project in their own school.

It was great to see 125 children in groups looking at issues to do with school buildings and grounds, energy and water, food and drink, purchasing and waste, travel and transport, inclusion and participation, local well-being and global dimensions. The children and colleagues had all walked to Headingley, were having fair trade drinks and snacks and had brought their own packed lunch with a focus on composting, recycling and reusing. I hope that these 125 children, some of whom are in the picture with me, will become great ambassadors for the environment and sustainable schools.

This is a great project which I know my colleague Steve Ruse will be keen to connect to our developing work on sustainable schools.

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