Monday, 22 September 2008

I went on to one of our brilliant primary schools to celebrate with the Mighty Zulu Nation...

Robin Hood Primary School is committed to developing international links to extend their children's experiences. They are one of the small group of schools in Leeds holding the full International Schools Award and have links with schools in Ceuta, India, Iceland, Martinique, Spain and Turkey. We were celebrating the launch of their new international adventure with Yeadon Westfield Junior School and Royd's School and Language College. They have received funding from the British Council for a Connecting Classroom project with schools from Uganda and Senegal.

The celebration included the Mighty Zuly Nation; a multi-talented and versatile group; theatre company, band, dance troupe, storytellers and educators all rolled into one. This brilliant group of singers, dancers and percussionists were doing workshops during the day and had certainly released a real WOW factor on very special day.

I met with members of the school councils from Robin Hood Primary School and Westfield Junior School as well as the team who had organised the Connecting Classroom project and some of the Mighty Zulu Nation. It was great to listen to these magnificent dancers talking about their culture, their education and what they are doing. The children were wonderful advocates for their schools: bright, articulate, engaged and interested . I also had the opportunity to look around this fantastic primary school where a really talented team are releasing the magic and doing incredible things with ICT. You can find out more at their amazing website at If you want to book the Mighty Zulu Nation visit their website at

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