Thursday, 25 September 2008

My colleague Linda Bowles, headteacher at Carr Manor Primary School sent us this wonderful message...

"Dear Chris & Dorothy, Just a note to let you both know that I went to the NCSL event in Leeds today that Dorothy had recommended me to attend. The invitees were a range of people from both Primary & Secondary backgrounds .........heads, NCSL people, Mark Pattison etc. The people there were either involved in leadership roles and/or succession planning. What emerged during the day was the link between growing leaders in good schools , heads being better heads because of their involvemnt "outside" the school and succession planning.

Anyway the point of my writing is to let you know that what is happening in the Primary sector in Leeds is a credit to you both. Heads have been encouraged for quite a few years now to participate in Leadership programmes like Primary Strategy Leaders, Progress Matters, sharing expertise by working alongside other HT colleagues, encouraging schools to share their expertise at middle leader level, encouraging all categories of schools to enter into a partnership whatever their "category" etc etc. Anyway just thought you needed a pat on the back for the work in Leeds. Linda"

It's greatv to have this sort of encouragement from one of our best primary headteachers.


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