Thursday, 22 March 2007

And finally I went to the Children Missing Education Conference at Elland Road...

Jane Hall and her fantastic colleagues had put together a half-day programme which they were running twice today... Jane had asked me to talk at the afternoon session. The highlight of the session was a performance by Intake High School students who were brilliant!

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Sarah Rutty said...


I wanted write and tell you about the terrific training that the leadership teams of 8, very different, Leeds primary schools enjoyed this week as part of the Fusion project at Weetwood Hall. John Steel and his team of three NCSL colleagues provided us with some really practical tools, as well as some significant ‘brain’ food to take us further on our journey of leadership. My thanks to them - and to Education Leeds for paying for this opportunity – but most particularly to Chris Halsall for organising it, and inviting us.

Spending time with people who are really engaged in the process of learning, colleagues who are passionate and articulate advocates of being the best they can be for our schools and our children, was a privilege indeed. It brought to mind a proverb that was shared by the Indonesian headteachers who came to visit our school the other week. The proverb is: ‘learning from a teacher who has stopped learning is like drinking from a stagnant pond’. Being involved in the Fusion Project gives members of our leadership team fantastic new ways to learn for themselves, so that we can facilitate the on-going learning of our staff at school and ensure that the learning of our ‘littlest’ learners will be the best it possibly can be. A virtuous cycle if there ever was one! Have a good weekend - Sarah