Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Just an update on last night...

Both our beacon award bids this year were successful. Yesterday evening at the awards ceremony in London both 'Financial Inclusion &Tackling Over Indebtedness' and 'Healthy Schools' were presented with their awards. As well as being the first time we have achieved two awards in one year we are now the only local authority to have been awarded beacon status in each of the eight rounds.

The hard work now begins in terms of us using the Beacon Status to further develop health within schools across Leeds.

Interestingly the Round 9 themes were confirmed last night as follows:

  • better, brighter futures: 14 to 19 reform
  • better public places: liveability; cleaner, safer, greener
  • chances for life: improving life chances for looked-after children;
  • corporate parenting dignity in care
  • empowering communities, transforming services
  • improving accessibility
  • partnerships and agreements: local strategic partnerships and community engagement
  • reducing health inequalities
  • reducing re-offending
  • tackling climate change

The timescales for submitting bids have not yet been confirmed, but I will let you have this information when it becomes available.


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