Wednesday, 21 March 2007

I also managed to get to Headteacher Forum for the end of the meeting...

This is a hugely important group and I have missed a couple of meetings recently because of clashes with Cabinet or Executive Board. The meeting had a very good discussion of Trust and Paul Edwards from Garforth explained the rationale for their Garforth Learning Trust pathfinder. Paul is a passionate advocate of local accountability and responsibility and wants through the Trust to build strong formal structures which develop commitment and buy in from partners and stakeholders. The meeting also looked at how Families of Schools might develop which encouraged some interesting debates about whose meetings these are and how better use of ICT can help us share important information.

I also discovered that I had upset some brillaint colleagues this morning at the Primary School Consultant Leaders session... if I did I apologise! We must all work to create a culture and relationships where we can challenge and discuss the difficult issues openly and honestly... we must be prepared to challenge the status-quo, to question some of the assumptions we all make and to push the boundarises of what is possible. I know, and welcome the fact, that passionate, committed colleagues will disagree with me and I know that I am not always right but I tell you it's good to talk and even better to listen!

Keep the faith...

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