Thursday, 22 March 2007

My life is brilliant...

I then went to Weetwood Primary School where Tarsem Wyatt and her team are releasing a very special magic. I was supposed to be at the school for breakfast but I arrived late because of my Radio 5 Live interview. The school are doing great things with before school and after school care and I talked to David Waterhouse, the school's Chair of Governors, about the challenges they had coped with as they developed this brilliant provision. If anyone is interested, David is willing to share his experience and expertise with others schools developing their 'core offer'.

I also had the opportunity to visit classrooms with Tarsem to meet some of her talented olleagues and her wonderful children. This is an amazing little school... the positive atmosphere and purposeful, passionate learning pervades everything the school does.

What makes Weetwood Primary School such a brilliant school?
  • strong and passionate leadership and governance;
  • clear, shared vision, values and beliefs driving all aspects of the work of the school;
  • a wonderful learning team who passionately believe in what they are doing;
  • high expectations of every child and the whole learning team;
  • strong, dynamic and wonderful relationships;
  • inspiring teaching within a nurturing culture;
  • high parental support, engagement and involvement..... and
  • some talented, brilliant, gorgeous and wonderful young people!

Tarsem and her learning team do a brilliant job and have created a fantastic learning environment for the children in a really great school.

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