Monday, 19 March 2007

I attended a brilliant day at Leeds Trinity and All Saints College today...

Mike O'Brien, from the Pacific Institute, ran a whole day's training on 'Developing Leadership at All Levels'. His key messages were:
  • that we have to convince people that their efforts make a real difference;
  • that culture change is driven by leadership;
  • that managing change is about growth and focus.

If we are going to develop a belief across Education Leeds that my effort makes a difference we must focus on:

  • accountability... we must take responsibility for getting the job done;
  • initiative... we must be self-motivated and self-managed;
  • creativity and innovation... we must be free to take risks and try things out;
  • integrity... we must be honest and open in everything we do;
  • working effectively with others... we must develop teamwork and partnerships.

We must develop a constructive culture and create alignment through:

  • clear vision... where are we going?
  • clear strategy... how are we going to get there?
  • clear expectations... what do you expect of me?

Above all we must focus on the outcomes not on the process...


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