Wednesday, 21 March 2007

It has been an amazing day today...

I woke up at 5.15 to get ready and dash across London to catch a train back to Leeds. I was going to see the Primary School Consultant Leaders group at Boddington Hall... and simply walking into the room I knew I was in the presence of an extraordinary collection of talented colleagues. The challenge we face as an educational community is how do we take the learning from this group and build 'brilliant' consistently across Leeds.. brilliant leadership, brilliant learning, brilliant classrooms, brilliant schools. It isn't rocket science and the experience and expertise in that room could change the world... I suppose my only question is why hasn't it already! What stops us from transforming expectations and outcomes? What stops us from raising self-esteem and efficacy? How do we manage the comfortable complacency that exists in many classrooms and many schools?

And I am not being critical of those fantastic colleagues who work in the hardest and most challlenging contexts. We need to develop intelligent accountability that understands and powerfully uses data and intelligence to challenge assumptions and tackle colleagues limiting beliefs.

I hope that we can keep the conversation going...

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