Saturday, 8 November 2008

I received this e-mail from my colleague Sarah Sinclair...

"Dear Chris, Last week was the latest Department of Health/DCSF national meeting for areas facing challenges with the teenage conception targets. whilst much of the news was the same, there was a big difference................Leeds was cited as an example of good practice!
Alison Hadley, national director, teenage pregnancy unit, talked very positively about the re-launch of the Leeds TP strategy and the very effective involvement and leadership of young people in both the day itself and their 'holding to account' role. Whilst this in itself is not huge, it does signify a growing confidence both in Leeds and with our national partners, that we can sort out this issue, and we can. Many thanks. Sarah"

I am particularly grateful to Kiera Swift and colleagues who have worked so hard on this vitally important agenda. Great news!

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