Wednesday, 5 November 2008

I received this very sad news from Anne-Marie Edwardes and Helen Higham, colleagues at Government Office...

"Friends and colleagues, Many of you have been asking after Roy Porritt over the last few weeks and months. Sadly we have to tell you that Roy died yesterday in St James Hospital, Leeds, with his family around him. He had been ill since August 2007 and was diagnosed with cancer last Autumn. Anne and Helen"

I have known Roy for a long time and colleagues who knew Roy will share my sadness and reflect on the things we have done with Roy over the years to improve outcomes for young people across the region. Roy was another one of those special people who we will all miss.


Peter said...


I saw your posting about Roy Porritt.

I was wondering if this is the very same Roy Porritt that taught Art many years ago in Lancashire?

Anonymous said...

I've just come across your message and was very sad to learn of the death of Roy Porritt. We used to be inseparable in East Ward Junior School in Bury. We lived on Parsonage St and had great adventures together. Sadly, due to health matters, he had to leave the area and went to live in Tottington, Bury which was a long way in those days. We lost touch. Here is a photo of us at school:

Roy is on the bottom row extreme right and I am next to him in wellies.

Allan Brandon
North Wales

Peter G. Goral said...


Thanks for taking the time to reach out.

Roy taught me Art at St. Ambrose Secondary School in Rawtenstall, Rossendale, Lancashire. The school has since been renamed All Saints.

Roy and I used to take drives in the country to paint Pubs and landscapes, and then have a hot pot pie and stout for afters.

He was one of the people that changed my life. He was a very special person to me and I had attempted to find Roy after emigrating to Canada with my family in 1967.

I really wish that I had talked to him before he passed away. He was a tremendous friend and always giving of his time.

Thanks again Allan.

Best regards, Peter

Peter G. Goral
Dundas, Ontario, Canada.