Tuesday, 4 November 2008

My colleague Geoff Roberts who is Vice-Chair of Governors at the NW SILC sent me this e-mail...

"Hi Chris, Your item on stress reminded me of the CIA acronym, which I have found very helpful:
C - can I Control the situation, in which case do so
I - do I choose to Influence the situation, in which case do so
A - failing the above, then just Accept it and get on with stuff that I can Control or Influence.

In particular, note the deliberate use of 'choose' to influence - we can all influence much more than we believe so make a positive decision about whether or not to actively influence or not. If you choose not to influence then stop fretting and get on with something else.
Best Wishes, Geoff"

Geoff always comes up with some really good advice. We all need to focus on the things we can influence and effect and forget the rest.

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