Monday, 3 November 2008

There is a brilliant child locked inside every student
Marva Collins

It is important to remember that while everything here is going well we still have more to do.
I know that I have a great job, but not everything is creative or fun, there are things that are fragile, places where progress is slow, and things that are not going the way we would hope, however hard we try. We have more young lives to touch, more schools to improve, more families to support. We need to work harder, smarter and better to ensure that every child and every young person is happy, healthy, safe and increasingly successful.

I didn't want another half-term where I try and fail to wrench myself away from the office, the paper, the e-mails, and the meetings, visits, issues, priorities and new initiatives. This half-term, I remembered that I am a partner, a parent, a friend to some important people and recognised that the weekend was a time for them. Sometimes we need to take time for ourselves to be able to give something back when we return.

Don't forget to care about yourself and your colleagues and always remember that you are part of something special and magical and unique here at Education Leeds.
Keep the faith!

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