Thursday, 6 November 2008

I was delighted to attend the Fourth Education Leeds Annual Lecture at Elland Road this evening...

It doesn't seem a year since we were listening to Tim Brighouse or three years since Alan November delivered the first lecture at the Royal Armouries. This year the lecture was delivered by my friend and colleague Mick Waters.

We have had another great year and as some of you know I have been searching for the magic ingredient. I have visited Stockholm and Helsinki, who have some of the best results in Europe, to try to find it. It may surprise you but it isn't in Stockholm or Helsinki it's here in Leeds and the magic ingredient is the talented, brilliant, gorgeous and wonderful colleagues working across Leeds to release the magic... a great slice of whom were at the lecture!

Now a man who has worked throughout his life to release that magic is Mick Waters who is now at QCA working as Director of Curriculum and this evening he talked with great passion about leading curriculum innovation... and it was brilliant!

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