Saturday, 8 November 2008

My colleague Dorothy Smith attended the launch of a new resource pack this week...

"Dear Chris, The "Building Bridges 2" launch was fantastic. The partnership between Education Leeds, Adult Social Care and the Voluntary Sector was strong evidence of what effective partnerships can achieve. The presentation of work done by City of Leeds i.e. Circle Time with the older generation was outstanding. Sean Duggan has been a key driver as you know and the team were particularly appreciative of the way that you had personally championed this programme and said so at the launch. All in all a brilliant morning. Best wishes, Dorothy."

Building Bridges has been a great success since it started at Oakwood Primary School. It has won awards and been widely recognised as an innovative and creative way of connecting young and old across the city. It is great to see the fantastic Building Bridges intergenerational work which has involved so many talented colleagues developing to embrace secondary schools.

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