Friday, 7 November 2008

Take on 11 Million Takeover!

I started the day at Elland Road with young people from twelve of our secondary schools...

My colleague Hannah Lamplugh, who is Participation Officer in the Healthy Schools team, working with Sara Kane, in the Communications team, and an army of committed colleagues had organised a brilliant programme with loads of support materials to help the young people consider how they could:
  • write/review a school policy;
  • plan and deliver a school lesson;
  • plan and deliver a school assembly;
  • shadow a member of staff.
They had also organised workshops on:
  • behaviour;
  • student rights;
  • recruitment of staff;
  • sex and relationships education;
  • attendance.
It was a great morning and these young people were once again an inspiration. If you want to find out more about 11 Million you can visit their website at

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