Monday, 24 September 2007

After another weekend I received this wonderful e-mail from Sue Sanderson, Headteacher at Swarcliffe Primary School...

"Dear Chris, We are busy redeveloping our website we would like to include a picture of yourself sitting with the school as you opened the memorial seat to Anne Lazenby. Please could we have your permission to use this photograph.

The school continues to go from strength to strength! This term got off to an exciting start with two training days (held in August voluntarily by the staff to enable Year 5 to visit Lineham Farm the first week of term!) where we bravely completely redesigned our whole school curriculum ~ at the end of which we rewrote our ethos ~ Enrich, Enhance, Excite! This year will take us in a new direction the future is exciting! uncertain, scary but its a privilege to work with staff with the courage to follow their convictions!

I came across this quote many years ago those training days I experienced could be best described by it...

"Come to the edge , he said
They said;we are afraid.
Come to the edge, he said.
They came.
He pushed them...
.....And they flew....."
Guillaume Apollinaire

Isn't Leeds a fantastic place to be? Sue"

Leeds is a fantastic place to work and it is made special by colleagues like Sue and her team who are releasing something very special at Swarcliffe Primary School!


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