Thursday, 27 September 2007

I started the day very early at Pudsey Tyersal Primary School...

It was a flying visit but even so everyone was there when I arrived. OFSTED described the school as 'an improving school that provides a warm, welcoming and inclusive environment for all pupils' but actually it is a great little school sitting out on the edge of Leeds in BD4!

Chris Metcalf, the headteacher, has been at the school for about three years and he has transformed the place. The building has really changed since my last visit and looks wonderful... although it still needs some replacement windows! The early years is brilliant and the quality of care and support are real strengths. Chris is also passionate about sport and its impact on learning which recently involved a visit to Lincoln to watch Bradford play Lincoln and involved a football match between Tyersal and a Lincoln primary school team at half time which has really inspired some of Chris' fantastic young people. Chris and his young and enthusiastic team are determined to develop the whole child without losing sight of the basics.

It was great to visit the breakfast club and be offered porridge and to see what Chris and his team are achieving at this special little oasis on the edge of Leeds.

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