Friday, 28 September 2007

My colleague, Liz White, sent me this about the Corporate Chartermark we are working on...

"Hi Chris - just quickly! We're launching our corporate charter mark ambitions next week and each day on the front page of InfoBase will be floating some ideas and questions around the standard to get colleagues thinking and talking. On the Tuesday we will address the criteria which looks at the culture of the organisation and leadership. We will be asking colleagues to post ideas or questions to you to which we'll present a managed response the following week. Many thanks! Incidently I went with the Swedish teachers yesterday to Carr Manor Primary - what a fantastic school and beautiful, friendly, kind kids. Makes you proud to live in Leeds! Liz"

I have had a brilliant week made incredibly special by great colleagues and great young people and honestly I am exhausted, but Liz is so right we are so lucky to live and work in this great city.

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