Friday, 28 September 2007

One of my brilliant new colleagues, Lucie Lakin, sent me this, which I wanted to share more widely...

"Dear Chris, I am a consultant new to Education Leeds, working in the National Strategies Secondary team. I have enjoyed reading your messages and blog and thought I would send you this story that was told to me by the teacher that trained me and was my first line manager in education. Regards Lucie

An old shepherd and his son are working in the mountains attending to their flock. The father turns to his son and says, "Boy, I think it will be a cold night to night. You should go to the forest and gather some wood and we will make a big, strong fire." "But Father, the wood is so far away. Why not use the wood around here?" asked the boy. "This wood is damp, my son," replied the shepherd. "Going that extra distance will be worth it for a warmer, brighter, stronger fire. And besides, I know of a shorter route that will have you there in no time."

The shepherd gave his son directions and the boy set of to the wood. Several hours passed until finally a tired and angry looking boy appeared over the hills carrying the firewood. "Father! You have tricked me! The road you sent me on was not shorter. In fact it was so full of rocks and stones that I could not even pass that way. It took me even longer to make it to the wood!"
The shepherd looked for a moment at his son and then replied gently, "My boy, what you saw as troublesome rocks were stepping stones, not stumbling blocks.""

It's really important that we all recognise the opportunities we face and not see them as stumbling blocks. Thanks Lucie.

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