Tuesday, 25 September 2007

I went on to 'The Venue' at Leeds Collge of Music to listen to Mats Pettersson talk about 'Energetic Learning and Teaching'...

It was the first of a series of transformational seminars linking Stockholm and Leeds and I am particularly grateful to John Ellard and Jonathan Emerson from ICG who sponsored the event. Our challenge, wherever we are, is to build brilliant:
  • brilliant learners;
  • brilliant learning and teaching;
  • brilliant learning places;
  • brilliant communities.

We want all our young people to be happy, healthy, safe and successful. We want all our colleagues to be happy, healthy, safe and successful and we want all our schools to be happy, healthy, safe and successful places... whatever it takes!

The seminar was about getting the most out of your life; having the energy to maximise your learning and teaching capacities... whatever your age! Mats has been voted best public speaker in Sweden. He is an expert on nutricain, health and fitness who has worked with the Swedish National Ice Hockey Team, The Swedish Davis Cup Team, the Himalayan Expedition and olympic athletes. He ahas also worked with companies like Ericsson and AstraZeneca.

The seminar focused on understanding how the body works, how habits influence well-being and how small changes can reap enormous benefits. His 'Seven Spokes to the Wheel' model says that these aspects are key:

  • life perspective;
  • relationships;
  • motion;
  • nutrition;
  • sleep;
  • curiosity;
  • appreciation.

If you weren't there you missed an interesting and thought provoking session.


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