Friday, 28 September 2007

Following on from the Good to Great Conference which colleagues from our Leadership Team attended I received this e-mail from Paul Rogerson, Chief Executive of Leeds City Council...

Good Afternoon, I hope that you enjoyed yesterday’s event and now feel inspired to take up the leadership challenge of moving us from good to great. I was delighted to see so many colleagues there, as I know you are so busy, but yesterday was only a step along the way and it is important that you know where to go for information and support as we move forward. This morning a new interest area has been launched on the intranet to support this progression and the pages can be found via the following link:

I would encourage you to visit these pages and to look out for future developments and additions to the site - these will be notified to you via the ‘In Brief’ updates. Video links from yesterday's event of the Corporate Leadership Team are available to view on the intranet site. Additionally you will receive a CD – Rom of the whole day's event in the near future. Whilst I hope you found most of yesterday’s event useful and inspiring, I am also sure that you will have thoughts on how other parts could have been improved. We need this feedback to contribute to the programme’s overall development as well as to shape any future ‘from good to great’ events we may decide to run. There is no formal feedback form but I would be grateful if you could email your views to: by return email.

We are also keen to receive feedback regarding the draft strategic outcomes and improvement priorities. Thank you to those of you who found the time to make some general comments yesterday. We would like to encourage everyone to complete a further questionnaire electronically that seeks a more detailed response on the draft improvement priorities. The questionnaire will be available on the ‘from good to great’ intranet interest area under Leeds Strategic Plan from Monday. Once again, thank you for your time and I look forward to working with you on our leadership challenge to move us from a good to great team. Kind regards, Paul."

For those of you who didn't get to the event the site is an amazing resource for team leaders and teams wanting to know more and who are on the journey, as we all are, from good to grest!

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