Monday, 24 September 2007

I went to another of our highly effective primary schools today...

I visited White Laith Primary School where Nicola Sheerin and her colleagues are releasing a very special kind of magic. Nicola is currently Acting Headteacher but is being interviewed on Wednesday for the post as Headteacher of this great little school.

What makes White Laith Primary School such a brilliant learning place? The answers...

  • Nicola's strong, focused and passionate leadership;
  • a talented and enthusiastic teaching team;
  • clear values and beliefs driving the work of the school;
  • an exceptional Foundation Stage ethos and culture;
  • a focus on standards, positive behaviour and discipline;
  • good teaching within a positive learning environment;
  • high expectations and hard work!

Nicola, Helen and their learning team are doing a brilliant job and are building something really special at White Laith Primary School.


Steven Green said...

I've just come back from interviewing Nicola Sheerin for the Head's job. She did well and I'm delighted to say she's got the job. I'm proud to be Chair of Governors of such an ambitious and bustling school.

Chris'Blog said...

Fantastic appointment. I am really please for Nicola and for White Laith Primary School. Thanks for letting me know.