Thursday, 16 October 2008

I moved on to the Leeds Strategic Plan Strategy Group at the new Leeds City Museum in Millenium Square...

Sitting there for two hours listening to inputs on governance, performance management, renewing and refreshing the targets and the implications of the changing economic climate makes you wonder if the answers really do lie in more priorities, more targets and stronger and deeper accountability systems or is there life after yet more corporate assessment. I know that this is the lifeblood of some of my colleagues but for me you can't disentangle accountability from leadership and culture. You can't talk about impact without talking about relationships. You can't tell the story unless you develop creativity and innovation.

Someone told me the other day that the difference between leadership and management is captured by the story about the child who learns to crawl. The manager works on a better crawl, a faster crawl and a more efficient crawl while the leader encourages the child to stand, to walk, to run, to climb and to fly!

If you haven't been to the new Museum go; it's fantastic!

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