Friday, 17 October 2008

My colleague Andy Humphreys, Research and Information Officer in our Performance Management and Information Team, sent me some more great news about our Key Stage 4 performance this year...

The headline percentage at 5+ grades A*-C has increased again, this year by 5.4% and we have exceeded our LPSA stretch target set in 2005, our DCFS agreed target and the Government's own national average target for 2008. The 5+A*-C including English and maths indicator shows that Leeds performance has improved by 4.2%, significantly narrowing the gap to the national average by over 3% points to leave us just 1% point away. There has also been a significant improvement on 5+A*-G performance in Leeds with an increase of 2.4%, building on the 1.6% increase in 2007. Finally, the number of pupils leaving without any qualifications has fallen 1.6% to 2.8%, after remaining at 4.4% for the previous two years. This is all brilliant news.

Please note these are still provisional figures for maintained schools only and don't as yet include the David Young Community Academy.

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