Tuesday, 14 October 2008

I was contacted by Conchita Garcia, Senior Project Executive at MOVE

"Dear Mr Edwards, I am writing to you regarding the West SILC in Leeds. You may know that they have been successfully running the MOVE Programme for a number of years now, under the guidance of Sarah Riley, the schools’ PMLD Co-ordinator. The MOVE Programme is an innovative approach to working with children with severe physical disabilities. The underlying philosophy is one of teamwork with the child and their parents at the centre. MOVE is a mobility based programme focusing on what a child can do and it aims at giving each individual the opportunity to learn new skills. These can be small achievements from holding their head up independently for 30 seconds to larger ones, such as being able to walk themselves out to the playground so that they can play with their friends.

Since the implementation of the MOVE Programme at West SILC many children and young people have benefited not only from an improvement in physical skills but also the development of communication skills and an enhancement in self esteem, dignity and overall quality of life. To acknowledge the success of MOVE at West SILC we intend to award them Regional Centre status.

A Regional Centre is an exemplar of good practice, tying in the MOVE principles with the aims of the local authorities. It is a place where teamwork, progress and social inclusion are a natural part of the daily running of the school. Although there are over three hundred schools/centres throughout the UK using the MOVE Programme, only nine have achieved the status of a MOVE Regional Centre of Excellence, which is an indication of the level of work being carried out at West SILC.

As a Regional Centre, West SILC will be the point of contact within West Yorkshire for any other schools or centre who wish to learn more about the MOVE Programme. Officials from other schools or centres will be welcome to visit the site and to see the progress of the children who are following a MOVE Programme. Sarah Riley as one of our MOVE Consultants will be able to answer any questions.

The launch event for West SILC to become a Regional Centre of Excellence will be held on November 5th. We very much hope that you will be able to attend this event and to show your support for the wonderful progress that is being made on a daily basis. Yours sincerely,

It is brilliant to hear about the West SILC becoming a centre of excellence


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