Wednesday, 15 October 2008

I started the day at Harehills Primary School...

This is a fantastic school. Margaret Broughton, the consultant headteacher, Jenni Thomas, Creative Curriculum Leader, and Ian Forster, Chair of Governors talked me through the thinking and the planning which are shaping the approach the school has adopted. Jenni also gave me copies of their 'Harehills Creative Curriculum' and their 'Learning to Learn' publications which really demonstrate incredible hard work and commitment around building a skills based thematic and creative approach to the curriculum... it really is fantastic!

Margaret, Jenni and Ian also showed me round the school to meet some of the learning team and some of the children. They are doing great things through a creative curriculum they have developed based on Mick Waters' and Ken Robinson's work. The things that make Harehills Primary School so good are...
  • focused and passionate leadership;
  • a highly developed team of talented, energetic, enthusiastic and creative individuals;
  • a rich, creative and skills based curriculum;
  • a bright, stimulating and interesting learning environment;
  • inspiring teaching and learning within a nurturing climate;
  • tracking of children's progress and achievements;
  • early, appropriate and focused interventions.
This is a brilliant learning place with a wonderful learning environment and an excellent team with enormous potential. Margaret, Jenni and Ian are leading a great school and releasing a very special kind of magic.

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