Thursday, 16 October 2008


My colleague John Paxton who heads up the Integrated Youth Support Service here in Leeds sent me this brilliant news...

"Chris, We have uploaded August data to NCCIS and the results have been viewed and verified by DCSF. NEET is 8.44%. This compares with 9.5% for August 2007. It is the best NEET outcome since 8.2% in July 2005 (which is the lowest ever month for Leeds since records began in April 2004)). The Not Knowns figure is 5.51%. This is our lowest ever for Leeds and compares with 6.3% for August 2007. Taking these two results together, we can say that August 2008 has produced the best outcomes for any month since records began. John"

This is incredible news in a year when our overall results are also fantastic.

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