Thursday, 16 October 2008

My colleague Richard Boughey, Service Delivery and Transformation Manager sent me this...

"Hello Chris, I had the privilege to attend part of the Handheld conference in London yesterday and saw the presentation by Cathy Morgan and Joyce Ness from RM about the work of Leeds schools using handheld technologies like the Sony Playstation Portable. They had the difficult time slot just before lunch and just after Mark Standley - principal of Highland Tech High in Alaska, Anchorage who spoke about a project using helicopters to provide wifi clouds! But despite this they delivered an extremely engaging, student focused presentation that was very well received by the large audience at the session. The wonderful work of Leeds schools using these technologies with students impressed everyone and later that day in another session it was referred to a couple of times. My overall view was that with all of amazing people we have, doing the fantastic things they do, we are very placed but maybe a lesson is to layer the solutions rather than looking for single solutions. Interestingly there were so many Eee PC type devices on show that it was hard to find any traditional laptops. At the end of the day my colleague Claire Baines and I listened to Lord Puttnam give a facinating speech. We also stayed on try to win some technology to bring back for the schools of Leeds but I'm afraid we failed miserably! Thanks Richard."

Isn't Leeds brilliant!


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