Wednesday, 14 March 2007

I ended the day at Woodkirk High Specialist Science School...

The school has been doing musicals since 1978... so this was their thirtieth year! I had been invited to "Back to the 80's... The Totally Awesome Musical!" and it was brilliant. The large group of talented young people put on two and a half hours of amazing entertainment including twenty three songs from the 80's and there were so many young people who could really sing, act and dance! The band were fantastic and the production slick and well managed. I counted nineteen young people in the main cast, thirty in the chorus and the dancers, eighteen in the band and another thirty-five in the production team... so over a hundred young people delivered something very special. It was a really outstanding evening with polished and professional performances... and apparently the 'Back to the 80's Menu' was fantastic as well. If you get the chance to go... GO!

It was yet another example of a good school doing things really well and releasing an amazing energy, enthusiasm and magic from some wonderful young people... thank you!

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