Friday, 16 March 2007

We had a fantastic day yesterday...

The Prime Minister came to Leeds to officially open Carr Manor High School and it was brilliant. Simon Flowers and his team did an amazing job of organising the opening which worked with militray precision until it came to the timing... Tony Blair was running 30 minutes late and then when he and Cherie toured the school they took longer than expected. The real problem was that the event was outside and it was so cold. Still it isn't that often that a Prime Minister opens your school...

Tony Blair, who is the first serving Prime Minister to open a new school in Leeds since the Second World War, said: "This is a magnificent school and it's going to provide a first class education for the children who come here."

As I said it was a fantastic day.

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Oaf said...


I hope you did'nt meet Tony and Cherie with red hair.
We don't want them thinking we're common.
Unless Tony was sporting a big red nose too.