Monday, 12 March 2007

“Never underestimate the power of ONE or the power of TEAM!”

We need to remember that we are creative individuals and talented learners with enormous potential and that wherever we are in this organisation we are part of a brilliant team. We must continue to build and support brilliant learning places for all our children and young people. We must come together to do this working across teams, across communities and across cultures. We must strike a spark that releases the passion and produces a special kind of magic… whatever it takes. Interestingly, I heard on the grapevine that the STEPS courses are going down really well...

I heard that the course facilitated by Anne Pennington George and Claire Norris was awesome and the feedback from colleagues attending the courses has been fantastic. The programme's success critically depends on the facilitators who I know are passionate advocates of STEPS and Investment in Excellence. I am graetful to the team of colleagues who are working on this great programme and particularly the following colleagues who have stepped in during the absence of a key colleague... Frances Bernstein, Brian Hogg, Joan Haines, Til Wright and Marcia Harding.

We must never underestimate what we can achieve as individuals… the power of one... and together as teams. There are hundreds of things you can do to make a difference. Here’s my list…
  • Accept invitations and requests;
  • Celebrate the positives;
  • Learn from mistakes;
  • Hug friends;
  • Smile at strangers;
  • Always say thank you;
  • Share successes;
  • Run, dance and sing;
  • Recycle good ideas;
  • Find ways to have fun.

Why not make your own list and send it to me.

Keep the faith...

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