Monday, 12 March 2007

They say that strong, dynamic and proactive communication lies at the heart of an effective organisation...

I am told that only 7% of the messages we receive are the things we say. The other 93% is wrapped up in our body language, our tone of voice and our expressions. In a people organisation like ours we need to understand and practice the 93% rule. It’s really important that we understand how to communicate with our colleagues, with our schools and with our partners.

Here are a few practical tips you might like to consider:
¨ Smile;
¨ Listen and pay attention;
¨ Don’t interrupt or dismiss concerns;
¨ Use names;
¨ Focus and concentrate;
¨ Encourage;
¨ Give genuine praise;
¨ Take a personal interest;
¨ Spend time;
¨ Learn.

Simply be your brilliant best.

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