Thursday, 15 March 2007

I had lunch with the Performance Management and Information Team...

We talked about beautiful systems and how we are developing our performance management framework to support and drive our culture. We talked about this message which they felt encouraged a lack of focus and could undermine their work on our plans and startegies.

"Success is NOT plan driven, it is NOT the product of strategic thinking or planning or the product of focus groups. It is NOT about strategies, inspections, targets, meetings, command and control, power, bureaucracy, glossy publications and paper mountains
Success is NEEDS driven, it is messy, unpredictable, about living on the edge, evolutionary, trivial, creative, experimental and the product of trial and error. It is about brilliant colleagues, powerful relationships, dynamic partnerships, no-blame, trust, taking risks, empowerment, intelligent accountability and action."

What is obvious is that the two things go hand in hand. .. beautiful systems and a culture which encourages innovation, creativity and experiment. Peter Storrie and the team are doing some great stuff around the transformational projects, the School Contact System and the Strategic Plan. These talented colleagues are available to help and support any colleagues on their journey to create truly beautiful systems!

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