Thursday, 15 March 2007

There are no excuses...

"Do you know people who talk about kids who can learn and kids who can't? Or, kids who can be helped and kids who can't? Well, they are wrong, and I'll tell you why. Some 30-odd years ago, the great Japanese teacher, Dr. Suzuki, who taught over 20,000 children to understand and play the violin like virtuosi, had some words of wisdom to share with us. He said, " People today are like gardeners who look sadly at ruined saplings and shake their heads, saying the seeds must have been bad to start with - not realizing that the seed was all right, and that it was their method of cultivation that was wrong. They go on their mistaken way, ruining plant after plant. It is imperative that the human race escape from this vicious circle."

"Dr. Suzuki did not believe that some children were gifted while others were not. He believed that every child could be superior, and that every child could be educated. Talent, he believed, was no accident of birth, but a purposeful effort, a powerful creation. Let's teach our children to understand that when they see someone of ability, they see a person who has been carefully taught, and who has worked hard to realize their unlimited potential. Let's teach them that they have the same unlimited potential. And let's teach them to believe in sustained effort, self-discipline and self-determination. We have the opportunity and the ability to raise an entire generation of superstars every day."

Why would we settle for less?

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Oaf said...

Lawkes a mercy.
That Dr. Suzuki was a wise man.
It is easy to look at some of the damaged kids we deal with and blame the seeds they grew from, rather than the growing process itself.
Mind you, I have some doubts about one of our families where the seeds are distinctly unusual...

I was interested in your blog about the visit to Rodillian. It is a shame that the inspirational sports figure could not attend.

Your comments about excuses about not enough time, money, experience or ability are bang on the nail.

Except the bit about ability.
Inspired by your comment, I attempted to fit a new living room radiator with what can only be described as unsatisfactory results. Mrs Oaf has not spoken to me for 2 days and I have a feeling the insurance company are going to cause a scene as well.

To ease the pain, I am going to open a small holding and cultivate celery or perhaps a member of the root vegetable family.

By the way, where is SET? The last I heard, he had opened his own blog about the dangers of cuboids.
Circles and cormorants have always held a greater terror for me.

Keep up the good work