Thursday, 15 March 2007

Phil Robertson, Year 4 teacher at Otley All Saints CE Primary School, contacted me...

"I agree that blogging can potentially be an amazing resource for our children. Although in its infancy, we have set up a blog at our school as a publishing platform for children's work. It has only been up and running for about two weeks but we have had some brilliant feedback already and the children are just thrilled when their work is commented upon. We have set the blog up so that all posts and comments are moderated before they appear as a security check. I'd love any feedback on how it looks so far from fellow bloggers!"

I visited the website and the blog and it's great stuff. Great poems, maths puzzles and they have made their own short movie. It's amazing the talent we have in our schools. You can visit Phil's blog by visiting

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pwr said...

Thank you so much for visiting the site and leaving such positive comments.

I was amazed to see the site listed on your 'brilliant websites' list. I was just wondering if you would adjust the link to and not .com?

Many thanks