Tuesday, 13 March 2007

I had this message from Carol Stagg, who is Area Manager for the North West and is based at the Derek Fatchett CLC...

"I have been following your blog as I am a keen blogger but at present my blogs are for what I do outside of work. However, I have been interested to see who in education makes use of blogs. We need to help young people use them safely and creatively. I recently found this website when I was researching some information I needed. Interestingly, I noted it for three reasons: firstly the head concerned is the head where I went to school and is the high school I went to, although it was a girls school and had a different name; secondly he has a blog (English Blog), thirdly he taught at Garforth; thirdly, he also taught at Huntington School so you possibly knew him? His teacher resources are pretty extensive and not just about English. He also has some interesting hobbies and some very interesting and useful resources. The site is http://www.geoffbarton.co.uk. His brilliant blog can be accessed from this site."

Carol also added...
"You asked for comments on your site – content - a great record, but my thoughts are that it would benefit from some design support that would make it easier to view and more visibly attractive. Whilst this may not be a priority it does encourage readership."

I'll work on Carol's suggestions for improving the blog and would welcome other feedback, suggestions and helpful hints.

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pwr said...

I agree that blogging can potentially be an amazing resource for our children.

Although in its infancy, we have set up a blog at our school as a publishing platform for children's work. It has only been up and running for about two weeks but we have had some brilliant feedback already and the children are just thrilled when their work is commented upon.

We have set the blog up so that all posts and comments are moderated before they appear as a security check.

I'd love any feedback on how it looks so far from fellow bloggers!


Phil Robertson
Year 4 teacher
Otley All Saints CE Primary School